The Angelia Project is Now Available!

The Angelia Project, the sequel to The Salacia Project, is now available for purchase! The Angelia Project is another action-packed thrill ride that races along the bleeding edges of technology and covert operations.

The Angelia Project emblemA devastating new cyber warfare technology known as Angelia has been stolen from the Mossad, and it’s being weaponized. In enemy hands, Angelia will enable the destruction of national economies and disable strategic military defenses. An international team of spies is embedding these weapons in the world’s most secret facilities, and by the time the truth is discovered, the Middle East has been brought to the brink of war. Racing against the clock, a team of covert operatives led by Ben Dawson must wrest the technology away and stop the man about to trigger Armageddon. But to succeed, Dawson must enlist the aid of the former assassin who was responsible for the death of his close friend, and tried to kill Dawson as well. The Angelia Project is a powerful story of technology and trust, risk and redemption. It sweeps the reader across four continents through tense covert operations and frenetic gun battles to a climax that leaves us breathless, awaiting the next Ben Dawson adventure.


Set in the near future, The Angelia Project opens at a university in Athens, Greece where two scientists are developing a technology that embeds software within the materials used to build computers. The software is completely invisible until it’s triggered through an ingenious application of thermoelectric materials. Those trying to understand what has happened can never find the reason for the apparently aberrant computer behavior because as soon as it executes, the software disappears again without a trace.

The international intelligence community becomes aware of the technology, and while US intelligence focuses on obtaining it through traditional methods, other spy agencies set out to steal it. Unfortunately, it ends up in the hands of countries who are determined to use the new tools to bring about the destruction of Israel, and trigger war in the Middle East.

As Ben Dawson closes in on the thieves, they manage to develop the first weaponized versions of Angelia, and deploy them into critical data centers supporting national economic and strategic defense systems. It’s up to Dawson and his team to find a way to get the technology back out of the hands of one of the world’s most ruthless governments (The Chinese MSS), then stop the plot already in motion to destroy Israel and severely cripple the United States.

In order to wrest the technology from the Chinese, Dawson hits upon a plan that entails incredible risk. He must enlist the aid of a Chinese assassin who already tried to kill him once, and travel with her into the heart of the enemy stronghold. Learning to trust his new team member, and teaching her to trust him, will spell the difference between success and failure, life and death, war and peace. The risks couldn’t be higher, and the outcome couldn’t be less certain.

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