The Angelia Project, Page 294:

“Lazan escorted Dawson and Romero to the parking area and drove them to another building about four miles further north from the city. They entered an IDF compound and drove to a nondescript building along the eastern edge of the compound. There they found a large room with nine Israeli Special Forces soldiers gearing up. All of them looked to be in their late twenties, which made Dawson feel old.”

Israeli Defense Forces

This is a snapshot taken of the author, Bill Duncan, in the early 1990s, in Tel Aviv from a bus window. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)—even then—were densely populated among the normal street crowds. After a few years in the Middle East, I have come to recognize that the most likely threat in this crowd was probably the guy with the brief case of maybe the young guy with the blue duffle on the right. Funny how war changes one’s perspective.

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