The Angelia Project, Page 280:

“Most companies and government bureaus in China are much more focused on getting work done than the comfort of their employees. They don’t worry so much about providing people what they need in order to be happy and do a good job. If you go to Shenzhen, for example, you find many high-tech data centers and IT-based companies. Their employees live in dormitory-style buildings. There are typically four employees in what you would call a small two-bedroom apartment. These are often buildings owned or leased by the companies they work for, and so about twenty-five percent of their pay is deducted by their employers as their housing expense. They keep about twenty-five percent to eat and buy clothes, and they send the other fifty percent back to their families in other parts of China.”

Shenzhen apartments

This is a snapshot taken by the author, Bill Duncan, was also captured in 2002. These apartments are the very ones referred to in Shenzhen.

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