The Angelia Project, Page 256:

“Winger and Bi-shou did as instructed. It turned out that Wise had arranged a suite for them with two bedrooms and a common living room. The living room had a walkout balcony that overlooked an enormous pool and, beyond the pool, a spectacular view of the beach leading down into the Mediterranean Sea. They unpacked their gear and washed up for lunch. When Winger finished and returned to the living room, he saw Bi-shou standing on the patio scanning the horizon, one hand forming a visor over her eyes against the blinding sun reflecting from the water and beaches far below. She was dressed in a simple pale blue blouse and white wrap-around skirt. She had pulled back her hair on one side and fixed it there with a clasp. Winger was struck again by her beauty and wondered at the profession she had chosen.

Bi-shou seemed to be aware of his presence and called to him. “Billy, come out here and look at this. What a view!”

Tel Aviv Hilton balcony

This is a snapshot taken of the author, Bill Duncan, in the early 1990s, from his hotel room balcony at the Tel Aviv Hilton.

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