The Angelia Project, Page 189:

“The next morning, Winger and Kwan went off to begin the preparations for their activities, while Dawson and Bi-shou headed for the Hilton. They arrived about eight-thirty a.m., and Dawson almost immediately spotted Bleckhaus walking through the hotel lobby and into the in-house restaurant.”

The Angelia Project, Page 209:

“The team had decided on a rotation schedule to enable them all to get some sleep, and put both Bi-shou and Winger on the ground at the hotel by six-thirty a.m. Kwan would be moving across town at that same time to take up a position in the area of Datong Road, and Dawson decided to accompany her.”

City Buildings

This is a snapshot taken by the author, Bill Duncan, was also captured in 2002. Note explosive building of hotels in the left of this frame and stretching right, as far as the eye can see…. Even then.

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