The Brystol Foundation Series


The Brystol Foundation Series is a series of action / adventure fiction books and techno-thrillers which are designed around the same core characters. The first book is entitled “The Salacia Project.” Set in the near future (circa 2015), each book is written around a different bleeding-edge technology which is being developed within the Brystol Foundation, a think tank and R&D company with massive US Government contracts as well as commercial clients. Many of the technologies contained in the books are current or almost-there technologies, some of which will materialize and many of which will not. Many of the topics contained in the books are very current, giving the book a “ripped from the headlines” feel. There are many actual locations contained in the books, lending authenticity. There are also a number of references to conditions in the Middle East, especially Afghanistan and Iraq, which come out of the author’s own experience in those countries.

Recurring Characters

Ben Dawson: Civilian intelligence and security specialist who previously worked for the National Security Agency (NSA), and spent many years in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Dawson is employed by the Brystol foundation to enhance the security and capability of the Foundation’s critical technologies. Duties include “acquiring” critical components from competing governmental or commercial organizations, protecting key Brystol Foundation personnel throughout the development of their respective new technologies, and protecting the intellectual property associated with Brystol Foundation projects. Dawson is fifty years old, nondescript, and maintains personal relationships and connections inside the Pentagon and the US intelligence community.

Lily Gerard: Dawson’s love interest, Lily Gerard is a martial arts legend in regional circles and a trained investigator. Formerly a member of the Boston Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit, she is a top-notch personal bodyguard who fits in well whether the client requires refined cocktail party participation or accompaniment for a grueling hike along the Appalachian Trail. She is a fiery redhead, stands 5 feet six inches in her bare feet, and still turns heads at age 44.

Billy Winger: Dawson’s most faithful colleague, a former Delta Force operator who later joined NSA, worked in Kabul and Baghdad between 2003 and 2009, left the agency after nearly a decade to marry and then regretted the union almost immediately. The marriage lasted only a year, but Winger didn’t leave NSA under good terms. He has been working free-lance contract assignments for the CIA and FBI since that time, but is now being drawn into working with Dawson and Gerard much of the time.

Charles Jennings: Deputy Director at the NSA, and Dawson’s former boss. Would like to have Dawson back, but is able to use Dawson effectively through the auspices of the Brystol Foundation. A long-time friend of Dr. Kenneth Brystol. In his role at the NSA, Jennings is the funding source – through the Brystol Foundation – of many of Ben Dawson’s activities. At seventy years old Jennings is a tall, slender man with silver hair, a matching mustache, and “cheater” spectacles.

Ron Meriwether and Jim Romero: Additional “operators” with military backgrounds (Meriwether is a former Delta Force operator, Remmert is a former Army Ranger) who assist Gerard and Dawson as independent contractors when needed.

Dr. Kenneth Brystol: Brilliant, slightly eccentric physicist of international repute who leads the Brystol Foundation. The Brystol Foundation is not a foundation at all, but a highly profitable R&D company focused on a wide range of advanced technologies. Their primary customer is the United States Government. Brystol is in his early 70s, and as much a showman as a scientist, always looking for the next opportunity to change the world.